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Urban East Coast is a husband & wife photography team specializing in

Architectural/Industrial & Event Photography


Our introduction to photography, as a team, included a chance encounter with Photoshop on a weekend shoot with a DSLR and lots of encouragement – and we’ve been captivated ever since.


Frank was always fascinated by large structures and machinery; one of his earliest memories at the age of 4 was when he first crossed the Bayonne Bridge into New York and saw his first skyscraper – it was an epiphany. Thus began his fascination with large structures, be they bridges, buildings or machines.

Rose’s introduction to photography is much more simple: she awoke one beautiful day and decided to capture it’s beauty for posterity.  Immediately enamored with the entire photographic experience, since, she is all about capturing ‘the moment’.



As two of New Brunswick’s signature photographers, Frank & Rose’s work is commissioned by the New Brunswick Cultural Center (NBCC), City Market, New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO), New Brunswick Tomorrow (NBT), New Brunswick Theological Seminary, Keep MiddleSex Moving (KMM), Rutgers University, Rutgers Business School, The City of New Brunswick, CASA, Alfa Art Gallery, Hub City Law Group, George Street Playhouse, JerseyArts, and many others. In addition, many of their images are published and featured on websites, forums, corporate boardrooms and publications in New Brunswick, New Jersey and throughout the greater United States.


“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

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Capture Images that are Powerful & Evocative

Whether it be accurately and artfully capturing a space, documenting an auspicious event, cataloging equipment or chronicling milestones and progress, we will do our utmost to capture images that meet and exceed your expectations and deliver them in a timely, professional manner.

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Our Services

Producing Powerful Evocative Images

requires specific skills

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Tempe Town Lake Trestle at the Centennial (2012).

Tempe Town Lake Trestle at the Centennial (2012).

An Urban Outlook

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Welcome to An Urban Outlook, the Urban Industrial Imaging™ Blog devoted to the Great American City!

Here you will find scenes from the urban landscape: images depicting Man’s struggle against the environment as expressed in modern, industrialized society (i.e. the built environment).  These illustrations range from vibrant, pleasant cityscapes to bleak, gritty, often surreal portraits of urban decay; whose ultimate goal is to accurately reflect and forever preserve the frantic, mechanized pace of city life at a moment in time. Sweeping twilight urban vistas, large brooding structures, huge powerful intricate machinery or abandoned warehouses – in short, urban industrial images.